Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: dotLRN installation : no (+) sign at the left of dotlrn/ URL.

if this is for the same server as the one with the message_catalog error message that you posted about in this thread:

my tip to you is to make 100% sure that you are indeed on the cvs branches that you think you are (4.6 and 1.0). The fact that you got the message_catalog error message makes me 99% certain that at least one of your packages is on cvs head and you ought to fix that before you proceed. Try executing this:

find -iname '*.info'|xargs grep -l message_catalog| xargs cvs status -v

and if you see Sticky Tag: (none) you will know that you are on cvs head.

Hi Peter,
  Thanx for the help.

  could u tell me what should i replace by * in *.info
    if it is not to be replaced , then where should i execute this command?
i tried executing it just as it is , but it asked me to set CVSROOT env variable. i dont know what to set it as.

also im following this link.

just have a look at it . it says something regarding HEAD branch.

is there some other link which u feel i should follow?

Thanx ,