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Posted by Alpana Agrawal on
I would like to know the latest updates in DotLRN. What all features have been incorporated over the last 6 months(if any)?
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Posted by Don Baccus on
Localization though the first released version will not include it.  That's the big feature.  There are already a couple of translations available and a translation server set up for those who want to help translate dotLRN into other languages.

Full support for PostgreSQL would be the other big feature.

We're just starting the testing process for the first release (English only) of dotLRN for Oracle and Postgres if you want to take part.

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Posted by Alfred Essa on

New functionality will be made available in interim releases immediately following dotLRN v1.0. Some are definite (events module, wimpy point); others very likely (blogger). dotLRN v2.0 will have i18n support and much more. Carl Blesius is working on a map and we hope to make that available very soon.

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Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
I will post a rough draft of the development map as soon as I can (I am traveling right now and have very limited computer time). It is a "snapshot" of a moving target(I created it to give potential "investors" at our university a better overview in my quest to secure funds for additional development). Eventually we will put an improved version of the map up on the site.
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Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on

Here is the UNOFFICIAL rough draft of the development map I used for some grant applications. It is old and pretty superficial, but it should help give you an idea of where we are at right now. As soon as 1.0 is out we can start to solidify what is next (the 1.1 part of the document) and create an official dotLRN roadmap that covers the next couple of months.