Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Current AOLserver, nspostgres, etc. versions

Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
It doesn't appear to be used anywhere in OpenACS, so it should probably be removed from the sample OpenACS config.  It might still be added to SourceForge for completeness.  The last I knew, Tom J. had written some documentation for it and was preparing to check it into SF along with nsreturnz.  Neither appears to be on his site anymore.
Posted by Mat Kovach on

I have created Aolserver 3.3 (OACS1). I have upgraded all the packages (nscache,nspostgres,nssha1,nsxml) to the latest version available from cvs at

This requires a few changes in the server's config .tcl as the database drivers are now name nspostgre and nsoracle instead of the old names of postgres and oracle-drv.

Currently only a source distribution is available.