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Posted by Chris Johnson on
I am interested in an eventual (re)write of openacs-integrated (web)mail. E.g. I understand that right now there is outgoing notifications through email, some sort of SMS and Jabber plugins, and the webmail system mentioned above. There was some interest a while back in implementing mailing list management (or had it been done/contributed??) as well, using e.g. qmail.

I want to integrate all messenging and notifications and webmail/forums into a unified architecture. I will settle probaby in the short-medium term with whatever webmail is easiest (e.g. start with IMP or the student's oacs webmail), get together the oacs mlm software, then think of grand schemes later.

The main drawback to my enthusiasm is that my time to donate will be slim because my projects are not customer or business driven but are just my own hobby projects.

Just my $0.02, so you know "I'm in" if a project is on :)