Forum OpenACS Q&A: Plone -- evaluations?

Posted by Eric Wolfram on
Has anyone checked out plone and then ended up here? Plone looks pretty good but I'm not sure if it's simply a content management system or if it's more like ACS toolkit. Any thoughts?

At the very least, check out their good examples of user docs.

2: Re: Plone -- evaluations? (response to 1)
Posted by Torben Brosten on

Hi Eric,

"Plone is built with Zope and Python." [1] Zope has been discussed (and compared with OpenACS) elsewhere in OpenACS forums. Search using "zope".


3: Re: Plone -- evaluations? (response to 1)
Posted by Reuven Lerner on
I've been using Plone for my company's Web site ( for the last two months, and I am amazingly impressed.  It's trivial to install, trivial to customize, and the documentation (as Eric mentions) is quite excellent.

Plone is built on top of the CMF, which is a set of products built in Zope.  If you think of Zope and OpenACS as analogous, then CMF and .LRN are somewhat analogous as well, providing additional infrastructure for the creation of new applications.  Continuing with this analogy, Plone is thus similiar to a package that depends on .LRN.

I don't think that I would recommend Plone for serious dynamic sites or for those that need database access.  But it's an excellent tool for what it's designed to do.  And as Zope's CMF catches on (which may happen one day, when the documentation is understandable to normal humans), I expect that there will be more types of dynamic content within Plone.

Oh, and one more thing -- Plone is very easy to use, even by someone who isn't a Web/database hacker. Very little documentation is necessary for new users.

More to come in my LJ columns during the next few months...