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Posted by Lars Pind on
Ah, re no. 2, someone else told me about this earlier, and now I realize what happened.

The problem is that what a package 'requires' is not another package, it's whatever another package 'provides'. And unless your package explicitly provides something, it provides nothing.

Ecommerce, specifically, used to not provide anything.

I patched it to provide itself, but I forgot to bump up the version number of ecommerce, so the .info file will actually be reloaded.

I have no bumped up the ecommerce version number to 4.6.2, and updated events to require that latest version, as well as bumped up the version number of events to 0.1d2.

That should cause both and to get reloaded, and things should then work correctly.

Btw, we've also changed the APM, so packages will automaticallly provide themselves, that is, we shouldn't get in this situation again. This only takes effect the next time you bump up the version number of your package through the APM user interface, though.