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16: Re: Goodbye OpenForce (response to 1)
Posted by G Ravedigga on
Just a little over a year ago, everyone here was dancing on ArsDigita's grave. Well now it is clear how much smarter they were than ArsDigita.  The disintegration of OpenACS is more ignominious -- no one even cares.

The heat is really on Asher et. al. now...  No more distractions of 'policy committees' and endless AD-trashing email threads and other excuses for coding-avoidance.  JERRY AT THE HELM!  DON ON THE CONN!

Anyone want to start making bets on how how much the OpenACS code repository is going to grow in the next six months?  flat bid, 3000 byte offer, #'s don't count.

17: Re: Goodbye OpenForce (response to 16)
Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
You lost. We are about to commit 3001 bytes, discounting #. Sorry dude.
18: Re: Goodbye OpenForce (response to 17)
Posted by Jeff Davis on
Lest someone think the troll above is insightful in any way, 974 of the 3709 commits on openacs-4 have come in the 4 months since the last commit by OpenForce. I don't want to diminish at all the contributions Ben and others at OpenForce made, but by almost any sensible metric you look at, openacs is getting better faster than at any point in the past.