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Posted by carl garland on
I hate responding to trolls but this one needs a little response. I was always grateful to AD for all their work and was extremly bummed when things didn't work out for them. I feel the majority of the OpenACS community feels the same way even if there were a few bumps in the relationship between OpenACS and AD. For such a trollish post though I would like some proof of your "dancing on the grave" and "how they were smarter" and "AD trashing email threads" If the coward who posts these statements actually posts some proof maybe he can change my mind but from my perspective OpenACS has only accelerated in development.

As a side note what is OpenACS's opinion on deleting obvious trollish anonymous posts that only that offer nothing of importance. I don't normally agree with censorship but that post offended me and I am only a fringe OpenACSer.