Forum OpenACS Development: Does the Logger need Content Folders?

I was just trying to create some logger projects and the CR barfed at me for not having registered the logger_project content type with the -100 content folder (the default and root folder I believe).

According to the CR documentation folders are used for grouping content and sound similar in purpose to APM package instances. My question then is if I need to create a content folder for each package instance (ala bug tracker) or if I can  get away with using the CR root folder for all my items (ala glossary)?

Posted by Dave Bauer on

I think using a content folder per package instance is wise.

That way you can be sure that seperate package instances won't access content from another instance.

One thing you might want to add is a site-wide admin page, that can manage the content for all logger package instances from one place.

Posted by Don Baccus on
Please don't put everything under the default root folder.  File storage does this and it is just plain evil, because by default then content inherits permissions without regard to the mounted package instance controlling that content.

This means in dotLRN for instance that when default folders for a class are created the default perms have to be wiped out and explicitly set to the proper values so that only class members can read files private to the class, etc.