Forum OpenACS Development: Demo of a replica the Marketspace Extranet is up for a limited time only

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Sam Stearns demoed their Extranet at the Boston conference:

Marketspace Advisory is a strategy consulting firm focused on improving its clients' customer-facing interface systems and associated channel migration challenges. Clients include large organizations in the media, financial services, and consumer products sectors. We use an OpenACS /.LRN - based extranet during our engagements to share knowledge with our clients (especially via social bookmarking) and help raise their digital literacy.

We have put up a demo at without any proprietary information for a sales demo tomorrow. We obviously can't leave it open forever but for the next few days if you want to play with it please go ahead. If you find any problems please email



Password or user invalid.
should be working now. If not which user are you trying?
login does not seem to work for me either, tried "User1" and "user1", "password 1" and "password1", same with user2 (with firefox
Sorry, its just "1". I changed the instructions to be more clear.