Forum .LRN Q&A: .LRN Meeting Notes (2007-03-20)

.LRN Meeting Notes (2007-03-20)
Dhogaza, Avni, Emma, Redwylie, CarlB, DaveB, Morals, Olga

1. We are combining .LRN Zen Meetings and .LRN Meetings, b/c .LRN meetings have been 100% Zen/Accessibility project and people are working well together using IRC, AIM, and E-Mail.

2. Calendar select date pop-up widget (can be found in form when creating a new item) is broken... Emma is investigating and will report to honchos at dotlrn dot org

3. List template validation was discussed

4. Test and Dev servers for Zen: has two servers running: a test server and a dev server on port 8080 and 8000. A couple of people are using them (let CarlB, Emma, or Avni know if you want an account). Commit as you fix things (or ask someone to commit if you do not have a cvs account). Test validation on 8080. Emma and Avni will check-in and review changes.

Posted by Emmanuelle Raffenne on

3. list template validation

I've committed few changes this morning and the listbuilder HTML is valid now. However, more testing would be welcome.