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Hi, I'm new in AOLServer, and in a install process the systems give me some errors and I can not finish the installation.

The process Open a PostgreSQL, Load an OpenACS
Loads a Bootstrap.tcl
Say me that Database API: Default database (dbn) is "default"
Say me that Database API: Using all database pools for OpenACS
Say me that Databse API: The following pools are available for OpenACS: pool2, pool3, pool1

but in the opendrv opening database step, "postgres:localhost:5432:openacs" give me this error:

Error: Ns_PgOpenDb(postgres): could not connect to local host:5432:openacs: Fatal: database "openacs" does not exist.

I was install PostgrSQL with all defaults, and I follow the tutorial for config.tcl, and changue the user name and the password parameters. In windows I can open the PostgreSQL database without problems.

Can anybody have any idea for this? Thanks to all community.

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
The error message tells you that your configuration file (the startup-file for the aolserver) has a database named "openacs" configured (see under DataSource), but your postgres installation does not have such a database with this name.

Create a database "openacs" in your postgres installation. For an example of the createdb command, see