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8: Re: Surveys and Branching (response to 1)
Posted by Stan Kaufman on
Malte, very cool! The branching in "Malte's test" is great! Congrats on your progress!

I'm willing to help with the PG port if you want to parse out the effort.

I've been writing up some specs for "son of survey" package I'm currently called "Assessment", following terminology used by the IMS Global Learning Consortium. Our particular need is tools for clinical trials, patient registries etc where a variety of data validation/verification steps, audit trails etc are required. However the needs there are very similar to those in educational apps etc.

I've posted these documents (in progress) in the "Bay Area OpenACS Users Group" area I set up at -- specifically here. Quite a few people in the community are already in this group, but anyone else can let themselves in (ie it has an "open" policy) once they've registered.

I'd certainly welcome any comments (and help as time goes on) from anyone in the community. I'm hoping that once this Assessment package gets done it will go into the OpenACS distro if people find it meritorious. Several of us are working in the same direction; it would be good to collaborate directly, IMHO.

9: Re: Surveys and Branching (response to 8)
Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on

I would welcome direct collaboration on this. After looking at the overview you put together it is clear you have already done a lot of the preliminary work.

Here is a suggested game plan:

1. Get the relevant parts of your document up on OpenACS in the projects section and generalize it.
2. Integrate other proposals (the Sloan RFP, the proposal by Matthew Geddert, and anything else I am missing) and find interested parties (I know of at least two in addition to Heidelberg).
3. Make sure we have taken any additional developments and requirements into consideration.
4. Use halftime to plan the next steps as a group (potential users+developers).

So... as part of step one we add this page:
as a mutual workspace (which would replace )

Sound good?