Forum OpenACS Development: Re: xowiki 0.37 on OpenACS 5.1.5 woes

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Is there any reason, why you are trying xowiki 0.37? Xowiki is now at 0.50. It is kind of hard to fix a version were many things have changed in the meantime. Have you tried the recent versions of xowiki/xotcl-core from cvs head? In Nov, i made a version of xowiki that could load at that time into 5.1.*. These changes are in the CVS head version. With that, you get at least the basic functionality of xowiki working. Not sure, whether e.g. notification / search / syndication works the same way in 5.1.
Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
Just to followup my last note.

With OpenACS 5.1.* you are asking for trouble on the long range. OpenACS 5.2 did some significant changes on the datamodel (on acs_objects), OpenACS 5.3 was putting emphasis on code quality (acs-core). Alone between the release of 5.2.3 (the version running on and 5.3.0 there were over 350 changes (mostly fixes) for acs-core. We moved our main platform of the university from 5.1 to 5.2 and recently to 5.3, which is intensively different from the cvs version. You should really consider upgrading.

I often get questions from people not experienced in cvs, how the get xotcl-core or xowiki from cvs head. Once you have CVS installed on your system (most linuxes have this), use the following commands to get the newest version of xotcl-core and xowiki from cvs (the newest version is called the head version):

cvs login
cvs co xowiki xotcl-core

best regards
-gustaf neumann