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Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
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Is there some reason you are using AOLserver 3.2?  Depending on what your end goal is, I would recommend using the OpenACS distribution of AOLserver (based on 3.3.1 + AD13 - or a recent version of AOLserver from  Are you following a particular AOLserver installation guide?  I would highly recommend that you do.  For example, if you eventually want to install OpenACS, you should probably follow the OpenACS documentation at

You don't want to use Tclsh to run your program.  What AOLserver config file are you using?  That config file will specify what port AOLserver will listen on, where your pageroot is, and much more.  You should save your file with a .tcl extension in the pageroot directory that the config file specifies, and use your web browser to see the output after you have started AOLserver.  Before you try a dynamic page that calls Tcl functions, you probably want to make sure that AOLserver is serving simple static html pages.  Please let us know the exact command you use to start AOLserver and any error messages that you see when you do start it.

I hope that helps.