Forum .LRN Q&A: Misc dotLRN devel questions

Posted by Roberto Mello on
Hi all, a few questions...

1) Is there a list I can subscribe to to get CVS commit logs for dotLRN?

2) Where is the default portlets layout store in, and why is the default community layout so clunky (three calendars in one page, news at the bottom?) We'd like to make it so the default is a little more sane upon reinstall.

3) We want to write a bugtracker portlet. Any pointers?

4) Is anyone working on improving FAQ? Our users have identified a few user interface improvements that could be done, and we don't want to duplicate work. We also want to make it accept Enhanced Text (tm).

5) Is there a "top-level" community, the parent of all communities? If we have a company org chart, and each department is a community (dotlrn_club), we want to have company-wide news, etc. Do we have to create a company-wide community and then all other departments as communities under it?

6) What's the difference between a dotlrn_community and a dotlrn_club?

7) I created a file to bulk-upload departments. Right now it reads a list of lists to create them. I will modify it to read a file (CSV probably), or should I modify it to follow what the users bulk-add page does and accept CSVs in a textarea?



Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
1) Not that I know of... would be nice.
2) No kidding. I just recently went through an install myself and the first thing I did was go in and fix the default layout (wish themes still worked). Lets get this fixed for 1.1 (need to post bug reports)
3) I am sure you know about these documents: not sure the help much though.
Reader friendly form here: There does not seem to be any up-to-date documentation on this (I would love to be wrong).
4) Please! I was watching some new users on the system and there are also problems with the SloanSpace theme. It looks nice, but loses some usability as a result (e.g. the tabs are not obvious enough). Oh, did I mention that I wish themes still worked?
5) We as a university would also like to see additional hierarchy. It's on the roadmap but we do not yet have the means to do it... would be great of you took this on. :-)
6) Irritating ambiguity that led to me blowing some steam here:
7) I haven't used the bulk-add page, but accepting CSVs in a textarea sounds cool (although reading a csv file as created by Excel probably makes the most sense)
Posted by Oscar Bonilla on
Regarding question #1 (below)...

1) Is there a list I can subscribe to to get CVS commit logs for dotLRN?

If no one has volunteered as a repo meister, I have some experience managing CVS repositories. You know, making directories available only to some users, configuring the cvs commit mail, requiring text files to have $Id$, etc. I can take care of the CVS or help the current repo meister with scripts and configuration issues.



Posted by Peter Marklund on

thanks for the offer! I think help with the cvs repository would be most welcome! Last I heard about the repository was that Roberto was going to set up a CVSROOT/avail file to control commit permissions (this is the approach used for the OpenACS repository).

can you coordinate with Oscar on the cvs mail setup and other repository activities?

A top priority for me is to set up cvs web for .LRN, like the OpenACS one, and also make Jeff's cvs browser work for .LRN. Jeff - how hard is that to do?