Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Misc dotLRN devel questions

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
1) Not that I know of... would be nice.
2) No kidding. I just recently went through an install myself and the first thing I did was go in and fix the default layout (wish themes still worked). Lets get this fixed for 1.1 (need to post bug reports)
3) I am sure you know about these documents: not sure the help much though.
Reader friendly form here: There does not seem to be any up-to-date documentation on this (I would love to be wrong).
4) Please! I was watching some new users on the system and there are also problems with the SloanSpace theme. It looks nice, but loses some usability as a result (e.g. the tabs are not obvious enough). Oh, did I mention that I wish themes still worked?
5) We as a university would also like to see additional hierarchy. It's on the roadmap but we do not yet have the means to do it... would be great of you took this on. :-)
6) Irritating ambiguity that led to me blowing some steam here:
7) I haven't used the bulk-add page, but accepting CSVs in a textarea sounds cool (although reading a csv file as created by Excel probably makes the most sense)