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Posted by Divya R on
Hi James,

Well...My path is
/usr/local/aol32/bin/nsd -t /usr/local/aol32/nsp-trainee.tcl

And my output to this path: -
[24/Apr/2003:14:28:34] [21207.1024] [-main-]Notice:nsd.tcl starting to read nsd.tcl config file...
[24/Apr/2003:14:29:45] [21027:1024] [-main-]Notice: finished reading config file.

I have been asked to try a simple program to addd two numbers using:

I was also told that .adp files begin with <%..%>..Is it just adding these<%....Normal HTML coding.....%> thats all?? or any other issues as well??

I need to create a directory(which i already have!!) /web/nsp-trainee/www/study and then store all my programs in this directory...

You also said: The directory you save your
html file in is platform and configuration specific...
I told you that my platform is Linux and the configuration for AolWebServer is 3.2 and the Tclversion is 8.3

Now pls further advice on these queries....Thanks agn in advance,


6: Re: AOLserver 3.2 Doubts (response to 5)
Posted by Jamie Rasmussen on
By platform specific, I meant that sometimes people place their files in different places even among the various Linux distributions.

By configuration specific, I meant it depends on what is in your config file.  Can you post the contents of /usr/local/aol32/nsp-trainee.tcl ?

Before you start on your adding program, you should check that AOLserver is serving plain pages properly.  Put a simple html document named test.html in /web/nsp-trainee/www/study  The URL you use to see that file in MSIE depends on the name of your machine and the contents of /usr/local/aol32/nsp-trainee.tcl but will be something like http://yourmachine/study/test.html

If that works, then you can start writing your program.  See for information on adp page syntax and examples.