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Posted by Neophytos Demetriou on
Peter, how come the message you've posted above, quoted below, is signed here in the forums with your name (Peter Marklund) and the one I got from the notifications is signed by Joel Aufrecht?

Here is the message I'm talking about:


Forum: OpenACS Q&A
Thread: RFC: OpenACS Governance
Author: Joel Aufrecht <>

your point about diversity and independence of any individual
organization/company is good - this is one of the key strengths of open source
software. It's exactly because of this that OpenACS is still flourishing today
which is pretty amazing if you consider that the companies that created much of
our toolkit are no longer around.

Given that Lars Pind, Don Baccus, and Jeff Davis all represent different
companies or organizations we already have some diversity. I could imagine that
those three people will start up the core team and then a couple more may be
elected in by the community. Those people are likely to come from different
companies, bee free lancers, or hobby programmers.

Posted by Joel Aufrecht on
Looks like a forum bug.  I clicked the Post a Message link at the top of the page when I meant to click the reply link.  So my message went to a new thread, but apparently left some sort of mark on this thread, causing notifications for the next message to go out with my name.