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Posted by Stan Kaufman on
Carl, I'd welcome bringing the discussion into the OpenACS site at whatever point it seems appropriate. I gather you have edit permissions at that allow you to accomplish this? I think it would be particularly helpful to pool our knowledge about existing standards, requirements, and competitive analyses.

Also, early on I think we should examine whether the various spaces we're discussing (educational, clinical research, generic data collection mechanisms for use elsewhere in the OpenACS toolkit, others?) actually do share enough commonality that it makes sense to try to create one general solution, or whether the appearance of commonality is superficial and crisper, separate solutions might be superior.

I've added some additional information and links here about CDISC, the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium, and several big vendors of Electronic Data Capture solutions. The field is occupied by big players but their big, big price tags creates the need for alternatives -- and opens the opportunity for them.

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on

Sorry for the delay in response.

I am sure that there is enough commonality to warrant us working together on this.

I created a new page on the site here:

I then started to cut and paste.

I would be grateful if you would finish the cut and paste job (so I do not have to feel guilty about blatantly copying the work you have done so far - same goes for you Nima).

Both you and Nima now have ETP rights on the page (you should both see a ETP link on the lower right of the page when logged in on 30 fingers are better than 10. Caroline sent me a copy of the old Sloan RFP. I will try to add parts of that over the next couple of days too.

Anyone else want to help on getting the assessment roadmap written up?