Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: The maniac plan for world domination

Posted by Robert Taylor on
we're all onboard.

infact all of this is already under way in some form.

the key problem has been human hours available to dedicate to this as most of us are consultants or have fulltime jobs + real lives to take care of.

so, thats neither here nor there.

there are actually a good number of steps before this:

1. update the website to xowiki
2. update the templating infrastructure (work being done on this) to allow for skinning
3. documentation project
4. organization and promotion project

but most importantly, the workload is so huge to get all of this done that it needs to be split up into subprojects and properly catalogued and 'maintained' so that we can start to attract help for each one of these initiatives.

to that end, i'm putting up a 'project manager' (or have been for a while now despite the infinite number of distractions) as a test scenario to try and see how our 'project manager' software works and how we can improve it to better organize our efforts.

we don't have a hard time finding help, we have a hard time keeping descreet units of random open source help organized and pointed in the same direction simply because the size and power of the toolkit/project.

so, are you interested in jumping in and helping out first with using project manager to organize the effort on a trial basis?

Posted by Daniël Mantione on
I fully agree. Writing laundry lists is much easier than doing the work. Yes, I'm prepared to help.
Posted by Abelardo Pardo on
Let me just add an observation.

We may take one easy step toward this goal. I agree that all the ideas that have been mentioned so far need to be done, but could we reach for some "low hanging fruit"?

I'm somewhat midway between an installation expert and a "regular" user. I just happen to install the latest UBUNTU release on my laptop. You install a CD, and then this program called "adept" shows you a huge list of packages to install with just one click. I patiently reviewed this long list and Moodle was there. So, with one click, and after answering a few questions about installation parameters that adept took care of, I had an instance of moodle running (haven't tried it, I was just curious about its installation)

I kept browsing through the package collection, and I found:
* aolserver4 (4.0.10)
* aolserverdoc
* nscache
* nsimap
* nsldap
* nsopenssl
* npostgres
* nssha1

Of course, you have also postgresql. The other thing that surprised me is that you may install the latest TCL, which right now is 8.4.10 and when checking for thread support:

$ tclsh
% info exists tcl_platform(threaded)
% info patchlevel

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that out of all the steps that need to be followed to deploy OpenACS/.LRN, the most difficult ones are no longer there.

I haven't tried it yet, but It seems a regular user may start installing OpenACS/.LRN from the section "Prepare the database" on and bypass compiling AOLServer, modules, etc. Are we that far away from providing an OpenACS/.LRN package for UBUNTU that puts the user one click away from having a painless installation?

The fact that Dell will now offer the choice to have Ubuntu pre-installed should not be overlooked either.


Posted by Daniël Mantione on
I'm a SuSE user, but go for it :)

The only module that is missing is tdom. We need a deb for it. Then we need a OpenACS deb, and also important, we need to do something about the AOLserver configuration.

If I take part in this I would like to focus on release engineering: Generating packages (Linux, Win32, others) from SVN with the push of a button.

Posted by Torben Brosten on
Abelardo Pardo, see for Ubuntu installation instructions.