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Posted by Peter Marklund on
I'm pretty sure I know why this happens. We made a little mistake when we bundled the 1.0 .LRN release so that some OpenACS parameters were not correctly set.

For the ACS Kernel package the parameters CommunityMemberURL and CommunityMemberAdminURL need to be changed by a site wide administrator.

As site wide administrator, visit /admin/site-map. Under the section "Configurable Parameters" visit the "set parameters" link next to "ACS Kernel". You will now be on a parameter page. Click on the "system-information" section near the top right of the page. Now set the following parameter values:

CommunityMemberAdminURL /dotlrn/admin/user
CommunityMemberURL /dotlrn/community-member

This problem has been corrected for the 1.01 release of .LRN. On a technical note those parameter values are set by the dotlrn/install.xml file.