Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: question about static pages

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Benjamin, could you post the links to the old forum threads you mention?

Yeah, easily being able to search and add comments to .adp or .tcl pages would be obviously useful, but so far I've never really thought about that, or if the Static Pages package would be the right way to do it (probably it is in at least some cases). Clearly, you really should not be penalized nor your life be made more difficult for choosing to take advantage of ADPs instead of using static HTML!

The links Tammy gave above had useful info, so if there are any others like that you were looking at please post them. (Of course I could just search through Forums researching the issue myself, but since apparently you've already done so...)

Tammy, re. your question about Joel's "straw man": If feasible, you probably want to have all your content in a package whether it really needs to be or not. It's usually not really any harder to create a "my old static stuff" package and use that rather than dumping it directly under the global www/ page root. But that's really a mostly unrelated side issue.

What I think you were really getting at in that thread, is that Joel's example assumes your "content" is already logically tied to some object_id in the database. For a db-backed OpenACS application, this is likely to always be true, and something along the lines of his example is probably the right thing to do.

However, often you have "content" which is not really part of a db-backed application, and so does not already have any logical object_id in the database to tie comments to; for example, an article you wrote which happens to be in the form of an OpenACS Templating System Tcl/ADP page pair. The Static Pages package is already in the business of generating logical object_ids for such content and tying it into the Content Repository, so perhaps it's the right tool for the job.

In the longer term, perhaps this also relates to the Content Repository and conentent management. For example, how does or would any OpenACS content management system interoperate with traditional plain-old OpenACS pages? Could plain old pages still take advantage of some CR/CM services? (I don't know much about CR/CM, so I don't know.)