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Posted by Don Baccus on
First my apologies for not doing a good job of communicating on OpenACS 4.6.3.  I had a family crisis to deal with over the last two weeks and that threw a monkey wrench into my ability to work with folks to plan the release.

I've been talking to hackers who have been working on last-minute issues they wanted to get fixed, and the tentative  schedule right now is to tag 4.6.3 on Sunday and cut a first beta tarball, with all code frozen except bug fixes necessary to make the release work.  I'll be begging for people to download and test it next week, thus far some of the usual suspects (myself, Joel, Peter) are planning to spend time doing so but it would be nice to have more.

This release is a bug fix release, though one "bug" is a big fix (making rss support work for Oracle.)  Since the scope of changes is far, far less than for 4.6->4.6.2 we won't be organizing testing on the scale we did, say, for 4.6 (5.0's a different story, we'll need a LOT of testing before letting that one out the door.)

In parallel (or nearly so, depending on my schedule) I'll cut a .LRN 1.0.1 tarball, which consists of a very small number of changes to the .LRN packages themselves.  Since we decided to bundle a simple-to-install single .LRN tarball whenever we bump OpenACS we'll bump .LRN so folks using that application benefit without having to track down packages on their own.

I'll update the project pages over the weekend.

CVS HEAD has not been merged with 4.6 and this work should begin just as soon as 4.6.3 is wrapped and ready to go.

There was a very serious blunder in 4.6.2 (form validation was largely broken) and this has forced us to make 4.6.3 our top short-term priority ...