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Posted by Tom Mizukami on
I need to get started on some intranet work and have some questions. Is there a date for release of 4.6.3? What is the status of CVS head? Has the merge of the 4.6 branch and head been completed?

Is there a CVS repository of the dotWRK or dotPROJECT stuff? What in the dotLRN framework is going to be pushed into OpenACS and are there any tenative timelines? When is newportal going into OpenACS?

Are dotLRN and dotWRK going to be specific configurations of the same code base. Is dotXXX planed to become just a configuration of OpenACS once the poral infrastructure is there?

Sorry for all of the questions, we need to do some planning here are trying to figure out what the high level plan is where we can help. Thanks.

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Posted by Jade Rubick on
I can respond to a few of these questions:

There is not yet a CVS repository for "dotProject" because we're working on the data model right now. You can see where we're at here:

Note we're not calling it dotProject any more, because that name is taken.

The Project Manager and dotWRK are just applications on top of OpenACS, so they won't require any handholding like dotLRN does.

I'm not sure of the status of the portral infrastructure, but when it becomes available, I'm sure we'll update the Project Management software to use it.

We'd love some help on the project management software, and on dotWRK. The best way to get up to speed is to look at the dotWRK project page:

and the thread on the project manager:

and I guess I'm hosting the project page for the project management software right now. I've summed up as much of that thread as I have been able to here:

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Posted by Don Baccus on
First my apologies for not doing a good job of communicating on OpenACS 4.6.3.  I had a family crisis to deal with over the last two weeks and that threw a monkey wrench into my ability to work with folks to plan the release.

I've been talking to hackers who have been working on last-minute issues they wanted to get fixed, and the tentative  schedule right now is to tag 4.6.3 on Sunday and cut a first beta tarball, with all code frozen except bug fixes necessary to make the release work.  I'll be begging for people to download and test it next week, thus far some of the usual suspects (myself, Joel, Peter) are planning to spend time doing so but it would be nice to have more.

This release is a bug fix release, though one "bug" is a big fix (making rss support work for Oracle.)  Since the scope of changes is far, far less than for 4.6->4.6.2 we won't be organizing testing on the scale we did, say, for 4.6 (5.0's a different story, we'll need a LOT of testing before letting that one out the door.)

In parallel (or nearly so, depending on my schedule) I'll cut a .LRN 1.0.1 tarball, which consists of a very small number of changes to the .LRN packages themselves.  Since we decided to bundle a simple-to-install single .LRN tarball whenever we bump OpenACS we'll bump .LRN so folks using that application benefit without having to track down packages on their own.

I'll update the project pages over the weekend.

CVS HEAD has not been merged with 4.6 and this work should begin just as soon as 4.6.3 is wrapped and ready to go.

There was a very serious blunder in 4.6.2 (form validation was largely broken) and this has forced us to make 4.6.3 our top short-term priority ...

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Posted by Randy Ferrer on

Will the recommended PG version be 7.3.2 or are we still recommending 7.2.x for 4.6.3? I'll be happy to test 4.6.3 as well as 5.0 on PG - both versions if that's what is thought best. I will soon have an Oracle set-up but I won't have time to deal with that until late summer. I don't know if you guys coordinate testing or if everyone just tests however they feel best... I would prefer a coordinated effort in the interest of saving time for all involved and promoting better testing.

On another note - I'm almost through replacing calls to deprecated functions throughout the whole of ACS. Just haven't got around to submitting to bug tracker yet. Even though I've been testing my changes and I have an installation running with the changes, I want to do another round of tests to make sure everything is kosher. In any case, given that previous updates have not been committed yet, I imagine that there is no interest in these updates until 5.0 and until the CVS merges are complete. Is this right?

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Posted by Don Baccus on
OpenMSG coordinated testing for 4.6 and 4.6.1.  Collaboraid coordinated testing for 4.6.2 and .LRN 1.0.  Neither are available at the moment.

We can loosely coordinate testing next week by divvying up packages amongst the half-dozen or so who've volunteered, but if it lies upon my shoulders to coordinate that it will be very loose indeed.  If someone wants to offer to manage testing a bit more closely that would be fantastic.

I don't look at testing 4.6.3 as being an effort to dig out bugs that have been lingering in the code undiscovered forever, I'm more interested to make certain that we've not broken things that currently work in 4.6.2 while fixing several issues that cropped up after 4.6.2 was released.

With 5.0 we want to become more rigorous.  What would *really* be wonderful with 5.0 would be to have a small but dedicated group of folks willing to work on some regression tests using the automated testing package and tclwebtest.  Joel's going to  try to write tests for one package as a test of the amount of effort and to help him understand how to write step-by-step documentation.  Regression testing would've caught the major "oops" that slipped through 4.6.2 testing, the breakage of form validation.

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Posted by Randy Ferrer on

Don - There is a pretty good list already in this thread which gets into deprecated packages and such. I can go ahead and test PG stuff as you suggest and if anyone is interested in coordinating with me to prevent duplicate efforts, please email me. This will make it much faster and provide for better testing imo. In any case. I'll go ahead and begin testing of the beta release as soon as it is available. I won't test packages listed as deprecated or against Oracle. Can anyone step up for Oracle testing? I will be testing primarily on 7.3.2 since this will soon be the reference platform for PG, unless someone has strong opinions to the contrary.

Count me in for 5.0 testing as well - I have a dedicated test server sitting in my office for this, lets put it to good use! There is a chance I might be able to put this server on-line in the not too distant future - I'll announce if and when it happens. If anyone is interested in forming an OACS test team, please let me know or if anyone has formed one, please let me know as well so we can coordinate tasks etc.

Now, if someone could just answer my query re replacing calls to deprecated functions, it would really be quite helpful. TIA.