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Writing Documentation for OpenACS

Getting started on documentation

documentation starter guide this is where I would start.

Getting started

Go to /packages/acs-core-docs/www/doc/xml and type make then you troubleshoot (5-0 may now be at /packages/acs-core-docs/www/xml )

Things to ignore

xmlNanoHTTPConnectHost: Failed to resolve host '' - Non-authoritive host not found or server failure.

Missing tr.attributes

runtime error: file xml/openacs.xsl line 392 element call-template xsl:call-template : template tr.attributes not found


Debian has a problem where it can take 20 minutes to compile the docs, whereas it's 30 seconds or so usually it is apparently because debian doesn't ship with ''catalog'' files for docbook. To get around this, you can play with the --nonet and other flags for xsltproc.

Documentation and CVS branch policy

Joel says:
Until 5.0 shipped I was using the rule that all docs should go on 5.0, because docs are risk-free so it's okay to stick them in at the last minutes. If we do doc work in HEAD, it will never show up in 5.0.1. One solution is that doc work goes on the branch but docs alone are batch-merged every week.


To Joel for walking me through all this. Most of the text here is his.