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OpenACS articles

These are a bunch of articles Jade Rubick has written on using OpenACS and related technologies. Some of them are rough -- just notes, and others are full-blown tutorials. Use all at your own risk. If you have anything you'd like to add to this collection, email me! I also give out permission to edit these pages to anyone in the OpenACS community I know, so even though most of this was written by me, I hope that over time, more and more will be written by other people as well.

Jade Rubick

OpenACS Home Page  - If you're interested in finding out more about the technology behind this site, is a good place to start. It's an excellent platform for building web sites if you have a technical background.

Getting Started With OpenACS

A Quick Intro to OpenACS Templating - describes how to make web pages with OpenACS.

Virtual Hosting in 10 Minutes or Less - Describes an easy way to set up virtual hosting. You can share several web servers on the same IP, each with a different host name.

Postgres notes - misc. notes on Postgres

Oracle notes - my notes on Oracle

Restoring from Backup - If you screw up your OpenACS installation, how to restore from backup.

Upgrading ACS to OpenACS - How to upgrade an ACS 3.4.10 installation to OpenACS

Using the Content Repository - describes how to use the content repository in OpenACS, and why you might want to do this. (added to OpenACS docs)

Adding Workflow to a Project - shows an example of how I add workflow to an OpenACS application. Very incomplete.

SQL Constraints Naming Conventions

Using acs-rels - describes what acs-rels are and why to use them.

Project Management on OpenACS - project management software for OpenACS

Limiting your installation to use SSL - how to make your site redirect to log in securely.

Using CVS with OpenACS - reference on how to use CVS with OpenACS

Using Tcl Namespaces

Things to Remember While Developing for OpenACS 

Creating upgrade scripts - how to make an upgrade script for your packages.

Emacs notes - a few tips and tricks for using emacs, often for my own reference.

Notes on ad_form - ad_form is a utility for creating forms in OpenACS. Here are my notes.

Terminology guide

Edit this page: user documentation

Notes on OpenACS permissions

Using ACS service contracts - my notes on acs-service-contracts, and how to use them.

Moving an OpenACS instance to another server - describes how to move an OpenACS instance from one server to another.

Setting up a developmental server - tips for setting up a productive developmental server.

Using tree_sortkey for hierarchical queries in Postgres - Postgres currently lacks a mechanism like CONNECT BY, which is used in Oracle for hierarchical queries. In OpenACS, we use <code>tree_sortkey</code>, which allows us to make hierarchical queries. (Added to OpenACS documentation)

Using List Builder - list builder is a great tool for showing tables of data.

Howto: Expand and Use acs-subsite Based Member Roles  - Describes how to set up several roles that are assigned levels of security.

Automated Testing  - How to set up automated testing in OpenACS

Setting up auto-installs  - OpenACS has facilities for automatically installing a set of packages with the initial install. This documents how to do that.

SOAP/web services on OpenACS 

Graphing and drawing with OpenACS

Using OpenSSL to encrypt information  - This article describes how to encrypt information from Tcl, using OpenSSL. You can then put this information in the database, or use it as you like.

Aolserver Notes

[The OpenACS Book (in progress)]

Jerry Asher's Virtual Hosting Article


Using Arch for source control management with OpenACS - Arch is so much better than CVS I can't stand it.

Dynamically generating PDF files with ReportLab

Using groups and parties in OpenACS

Writing Documentation for OpenACS

Script to import greenspun's forums to OpenACS forums - A script which (roughly) imports the dump file from Greenspun's older forums into OpenACS's forums package.

Creating a Dev Server - Shows text from my history command, showing how I set up a dev server instance.

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