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Edit this page: user documentation

Introduction: Edit-This-Page

This is a brief introduction to Edit This Page, a web-based program which allows you to edit web pages using your web browser.

You've probably been referred to this webpage by someone who has set you up with the ability to edit web pages.

How to edit a page

  1. Go to the URL of the page you've been told you can edit.
  2. Log in to the website (usually, there is a link on the page which says Log in
  3. Go to the bottom of the page, and click on Edit This Page
  4. You'll see a page that says, Title, Desription, and Content.
    • Title: what is shown on the top of your window
    • Description: show on pages linking to this web page
    • Content: the bulk of the web page.
  5. Click on the edit link next to the Content.
  6. You'll see lots of codes, and the text of the webpage. It will look something like <B>Hello world</B> These codes are called HTML. Here is a quick reference, if you need to figure out what a particular code is. The basic idea is that the codes are in <code> brackets. Here are a few examples: <I>italics</I> <B>bold</B> and so on.
  7. You can edit the text and codes. Try not to be intimidated by the codes. You don't have to learn HTML to edit the webpage, but to do anything like add pictures or links, or control the appearance, you will have to use HTML. Future versions of Edit-This-Page will dispense with having to use these codes, but for now, this is what we're stuck with.
  8. Once you've edited it to your satisfaction, click on the Submit button
  9. Click on Preview Changes to see what the web page will look like.
  10. If you like it, go back one page, and hit Submit your Work. This will make your changes go live. Now the whole world can see your web page!
Note that all versions of the document you edit are saved, so you don't have to worry about breaking anything.