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OpenACS articles

These are a bunch of articles Jade Rubick has written on using OpenACS and related technologies. Some of them are rough -- just notes, and others are full-blown tutorials. Use all at your own risk. If you have anything you'd like to add to this collection, email me! I also give out permission to edit these pages to anyone in the OpenACS community I know, so even though most of this was written by me, I hope that over time, more and more will be written by other people as well.

Jade Rubick

OpenACS Home Page - If you're interested in finding out more about the technology behind this site, is a good place to start. It's an excellent platform for building web sites if you have a technical background.

Getting Started With OpenACS

A Quick Intro to OpenACS Templating - describes how to make web pages with OpenACS.

Virtual Hosting in 10 Minutes or Less - Describes an easy way to set up virtual hosting. You can share several web servers on the same IP, each with a different host name.

Postgres notes - misc. notes on Postgres

Oracle notes - my notes on Oracle

Restoring from Backup - If you screw up your OpenACS installation, how to restore from backup.

Upgrading ACS to OpenACS - How to upgrade an ACS 3.4.10 installation to OpenACS

Using the Content Repository - describes how to use the content repository in OpenACS, and why you might want to do this. (added to OpenACS docs)

Adding Workflow to a Project - shows an example of how I add workflow to an OpenACS application. Very incomplete.

SQL Constraints Naming Conventions

Using acs-rels - describes what acs-rels are and why to use them.

Project Management on OpenACS - project management software for OpenACS

Limiting your installation to use SSL - how to make your site redirect to log in securely.

Using CVS with OpenACS - reference on how to use CVS with OpenACS

Using Tcl Namespaces

Things to Remember While Developing for OpenACS

Creating upgrade scripts - how to make an upgrade script for your packages.

Emacs notes - a few tips and tricks for using emacs, often for my own reference.

Notes on ad_form - ad_form is a utility for creating forms in OpenACS. Here are my notes.

Terminology guide

Edit this page: user documentation

Notes on OpenACS permissions

Using ACS service contracts - my notes on acs-service-contracts, and how to use them.

Moving an OpenACS instance to another server - describes how to move an OpenACS instance from one server to another.

Setting up a developmental server - tips for setting up a productive developmental server.

Using tree_sortkey for hierarchical queries in Postgres - Postgres currently lacks a mechanism like CONNECT BY, which is used in Oracle for hierarchical queries. In OpenACS, we use <code>tree_sortkey</code>, which allows us to make hierarchical queries. (Added to OpenACS documentation)

Using List Builder - list builder is a great tool for showing tables of data.

Howto: Expand and Use acs-subsite Based Member Roles - Describes how to set up several roles that are assigned levels of security.

Automated Testing - How to set up automated testing in OpenACS

Setting up auto-installs - OpenACS has facilities for automatically installing a set of packages with the initial install. This documents how to do that.

SOAP/web services on OpenACS

Graphing and drawing with OpenACS

Using OpenSSL to encrypt information - This article describes how to encrypt information from Tcl, using OpenSSL. You can then put this information in the database, or use it as you like.

Aolserver Notes

Jerry Asher's Virtual Hosting Article


Using Arch for source control management with OpenACS - Arch is so much better than CVS I can't stand it.

Dynamically generating PDF files with ReportLab

Using groups and parties in OpenACS

Writing Documentation for OpenACS

Script to import greenspun's forums to OpenACS forums - A script which (roughly) imports the dump file from Greenspun's older forums into OpenACS's forums package.

Creating a Dev Server - Shows text from my history command, showing how I set up a dev server instance.

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