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Virtual Hosting in 10 Minutes or Less

This method isn't perfect, but it is very easy to do.

It doesn't require recompiling Aolserver, or anything really that complicated, and lets you share an IP address among multiple servers. You don't even need another instance of Aolserver. Just the main server needs to have OpenACS on it.

The only downside is that you get the port numbers in the address.

Try it with or

You should be redirected to

Here's how it works:

  • you have a main server that does the redirects (this has to have OpenACS on it). Let's call this
  • go to /admin/
  • set up a package mounted at any old directory. Let's say /redirect
  • go to Host-Node Map on the admin page
  • set up to go to the /redirect directory
  • unmount the application in the redirect directory
  • create a /redirect directory under /www/redirect
  • inside this directory, put an index.vuh file.

Copy this inside it:

ad_page_contract {

   @author Jade Rubick
   @creation-date 2003-04-24

   Helpful .vuh example at
} {

set path [ad_return_url]

set page_loc "$path"

set page "<html><title>Redirecting to Rubick</title><body>Moving to site<meta HTTP-EQUIV=\"REFRESH\" CONTENT=\"1;URL=$page_loc\"></html>"

ns_write $page

Substitute your port in for 8002.

One issue I had was getting to work as well as The reason is you can't have two sites going to the same directory. To get around this, you'll have to create a redirect and redirect2 directory.

I wanted to use ad_returnredirect, but there is a bug in IE that prevents me from using it. Unfortunately, this means I have to slow down all users..

Other solutions