Class ::xo::REST

::xo::REST[i] create ... \
           [ -client_id client_id ] \
           [ -client_secret client_secret ]

The client_id/client_secret identifies the registered "app" for which later app-tokens are used to issue action via the REST interface.
Defined in packages/xooauth/tcl/rest-procs.tcl

Class Relations

  • class: ::nx::Class[i]
  • superclass: ::nx::Object[i]
  • subclass: ::xo::Authorize[i], ::ms::Graph[i]

Methods (to be applied on instances)

  • pp (scripted, public)

     <instance of xo::REST[i]> pp [ -list ] [ -prefix prefix ] dict

    Simple pretty-print function which is based on the conventions of the dict structures as returned from Microsoft Graph API. Multi-valued results are returned in a dict member named "value", which are printed indented and space separated.


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