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10: Re: Language lawyering (response to 1)
Posted by David Walker on
In the tcl documentation the first reference to "string equal" is in version 8.2.3 (under the "string command", of course).  The first reference to "eq" is 8.4.2 under the "expr" command.

So I wouldn't fault the Arsdigita folks too heavily not using "eq".

11: Re: Language lawyering (response to 10)
Posted by Alfred Werner on
Doh - must have been thinking of perl for the eq command.

Looks like eq appeared in 8.4.0 actually - here's the CHANGE file for the release: - came out in Nov 2000, so that's probably why I've seen it around.

8.4.0 I think was only just recently compatible with AOLSserver (3.5.1 in Nov 2002 ?? ), which explains why nobody's really using it - it being [expr eq].