Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Accessing my page/server

Posted by Andrew Piskorski on
Do you have firewall running on your local box? Perhaps Red Hat 8.0 comes with one installed - I bet it does. If so, either just turn your firewall off, or configure it to allow incoming to the port you have AOLserver listening on, port 8000 in your case.

There are lots of old posts about firewalls and stuff, try searching in the Forums. In fact yes, this thread from June says Red Hat 8.0 uses a firewall called "lokkit", so that's probably your problem.

Posted by James Bennin on
Thank you for your insight.  You were right, I did have a firewall on this box.  I read the thread you send me and figured out my problem.  People on this network can now access my server/page. Nevertheless there is still a problem, they can only access it with my ip number (such http://10.134100.9:3000) in instead of  http://myservername:8000"  What is the problem now?