Forum OpenACS Development: Re: ::Users: unabled to dispatch method 'ad_doc' during '::Users ad_doc'

oook! :), seems to be ok now, I added a 'package require Thread' and 'package require XOTcl' to my config.tcl and I'm not getting that message anymore. Does that sound good or I shouldn't add those lines there?


If you have to load package require XOTcl to your config file, this indicates that you have not installed xotcl properly.
In particular, after "make" in the xotcl directory, you have to use "make install-aol" to install xotcl.tcl and the xotcl serializer properly. For more details, see:

Triggered by your message, i extended the xotcl-core regression test (under automated test, <yoursite>/test) to check for the serializer as well. When your site is running the regression test properly, the basic installation should be ok.

Concerning installation of libthread, see e.g.

-gustaf neumann