Forum OpenACS Development: Re: Extending User Properties

Posted by Robert Locke on
Hi Randy,

It's certainly not the most elegant solution, but we add an extra table which we link to the user table.

I think the idea with the most promise is to use the acs_attributes system to manage attributes and automagically generate forms, etc.  This would require alot of work, but I hope it will find its way into a future OACS release.  Please see this thread for further info:

Posted by Iuri Sampaio on
Does the latest OACS release have support to new user properties ?

What would be the best solution to extend users info?
Would plsql acs_attribute__create_attribute be useful in this case?

Best wishes,

select acs_attribute__create_attribute(
'Purchased Plan',
'Purchased Plans',

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
There are several approaches for this
- ams:
- dynamic types:
- dynfields (in PO)
- xo dynfields

i have not used any of these, so i can't say, what's the best for your situation.

Posted by Michael Aram on
In addition to that, you might also want to have a look at ACS Object Management. I have had a look at ams and acs-object-management some months ago. What I remember is, that I wondered why acs-object-management never made it into the core, as its approach seemed to be relatively "OpenACS-native".

Note as well, that XOTcl Core provides automatically created procs for db functions, e.g. ::xo::db::sql::acs_attribute proc create_attribute...