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19: Re: html in emails. (response to 1)
Posted by Timo Hentschel on
We added an X-Envelope-From header composed out of "bounce-$user_id-$hashed_message_id-$package_id@$server_url".
We then added a linux user "bounce", configured the postfix seperator "-" and changed the postfix maildir format so that mails will be stored in seperate files (instead of mbox format). This puts all incoming mail beginning with "bounce-*" in a dedicated maildir, i.e. /home/bounce/Maildir. A scheduled proc will then process every newly bounced mail, determine the user_id and the package_id from the bounce adress and call the package-specific service-contract, if one exists.

The same process (scanning for incoming mails) could be used to stuff email-replies to bboard-postings in the appropriate forum...

20: Re: html in emails. (response to 19)
Posted by Alfred Werner on
Just as a by-the-way there is a good shell script called decomposemail that will split mbox into separate files.

I've used it lately to split things out to train my spam filters. Thank god for spam filters :) Point being if you can't reconfig to a maildir format, you can just split them out ex post facto.