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Posted by Deds Castillo on
Jun is right.  You treat the registration as products.  Though for, Jun modified a lot of code for the interface code and I modified finalize-order to bypass shipping stuff plus other site specific requirements.  But, yes, it is workable using the existing ecommerce package.
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Posted by Caroline Meeks on
I'm following your advice and setting up ecommerce first. We may even launch with just ecommerce. Looking ahead I see that ecommerce and dotLRN will have to communicate in a few places.
  1. Group Membership
    • When a user buys a class they need to be granted class membership.
    • When a user "returns" a class they need to have membership revoked.
  2. When you create a class you need to optionally also create one or more products.
    • Use Case for multiple products: Class is offered at different prices for credit or audit.
  3. Displaying available classes
    • Group classes by department and subject
      • Right now I am using categories to create a UI that looks like this, but eventually it should directly reflect the dotLRN hierarchy
    • Check for availability for a specific user
      • Check capacity (waiting lists? integrate with events?)
      • Check for prereqs
      • Check for appropriate registration status
      • Check for scheduling conflicts
This is my start on a big picture requirements. I don't know how much of this I will end up coding for this current project.

Please comment on how you think these connections should be implemented.


10: Re: Paying for classes (response to 5)
Posted by Bart Teeuwisse on

you'll have to write custom code which hooks into the ecommerce package to achieve #1.

For #2 you could use the ecommerce classes. Within ecommerce you can define your own user classes and each class can have a different price for a product. Custom code would place a student in the appropriate class. If the price is not dependent on the type of student then I see no other option but to create 2 different products. One for credit and another for audit.

Be aware that ecommece only supports 3 levels of categories and not any deeper. The limitation is in the data model rewriting will be rather involved.

Ecommerce doesn't keep track of inventory which means no head start to build avialability with.