Forum .LRN Q&A: RFC: Semi-automatic correction system

I'm going to start to develop a system for dotLRN to help a professor in the process of student work correction.

The documentation I've developed explaining this system is at:

I'm asking for for comments on the system, if there's something similar already developed or in development or if you think this is a good functionality to have in OpenACS.

Posted by Caroline Meeks on
I'm having a hard time opening this document. Could you put it up as html please?


Posted by Roberto Mello on
What kind of problem? The postscript file opened just fine here. If one is on Windows then I can see the problem since very few Windows users bother to install ghostscript for windows, and Adobe Acrobat for some bizarre reason (last I checked) does not open Postscript files.

I put a PDF version of the postscript here, for those on Postscript-viewer-impaired systems:


Posted by Caroline Meeks on
Have you looked at the "homework" package yet. Its the closest to what you are describing. It has notifications and allows instructors to upload corrections.

For additional functionality you will probably want to add workflow.

What sort of automated correction are you envisioning? You may want to use some functionality from survey for that.

Sounds like a great project. Thanks for doing it!

Posted by Eduardo Pérez on
So, it seems nobody is having problems with the postscript file. If anyone is having problems, let me know and I may take the time to render it to html or pdf.

I'll start looking to the homework package and look for more ideas.

The kind of automatic correction I thought is checking for huge errors or spelling or cheating or tests like: the code compiles at all? (if it does not compile just bounce it without professor knowing at all)