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Posted by Alfred Essa on
.LRN has been in production use at MIT's Sloan School of Management for over two years. The local instantiation is called "SloanSpace" and is used for all Sloan courses and tens of communities, including student clubs and research communities.

Our local priorities are:

  • Upgrade to .LRN v2 by end of January 2004. Our primary focus for the next two months will be to work on a stabilizing .LRN v2.

  • Improve .LRN usability and look and feel. This is the most significant feedback we receive from our users: ".LRN needs to look polished and sexy. The interface in some areas is also clumsy."

  • Install and support .LRN instances to MIT research centers. We are targeting about 10 new .LRN instances at MIT by March 2004.