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Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on

In Heidelberg we have had a .LRN 1.0 instance running non-stop since April. We have been using it for our internal communication and for a few courses (mainly from the English department).

With everyone's help we have been pushing a 2.0 version that supports multiple languages and external authentication (glad to see OpenACS 5.0 beta 1 hit the floor today). As our 2.0 installation slowly comes online (30K+ users will have access to the system thanks to the external authentication work) over the next few weeks, we will be focusing on getting bugs ironed out.

Local priorities over the next few months (secondary to the 2.0 release):

  • Improve forums. The old bboard module may not have looked as nice, but it is very obvious that it has been refined over the years. Forums starts to crack when it is used heavily... users suffering because of it.
  • Complex Survey. We need this in my medical school in the first quarter of next year.
  • Improve file storage. Luckily, we have people pushing this forward and they have OpenACS's need for a good CMS in the back of their minds.
  • Revive the now dead community page.