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Posted by Tomasz Kosiak on
Does anybody know what happend to I'm looking for source code base on OpenACS released as GPL by OpenMSG Ltd (as stated on version found at - "OpenMSG release S-Moker V1.0 as Open Source". I would also like to contact Simon Millward, but it's address is probably not valid.

Can you help me?


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Posted by Tomasz Kosiak on
Post at answers what has happend to OpenMSG. But I've found no link to the software. I see there are more people interested in what was done by OpenMSG.
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Posted by Robert Gaszewski on

you can find Simon's email address on this page
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Posted by Rafael Calvo on
I tried several times to contact them but had no luck.
One of my students (Jackson Chow) wrote an SMS notifications package:

If you it out, I would appreciate your feedback



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Posted by Simon at TCB on
Here I am! ;o)

We do still have this software somewhere. Unfortunately OpenMSG is defunct and Pete and I are now part of TCB Ventures Ltd.

Anyway, I shall take a quick look now and see if I have it to hand.


6: Re: OpenMSG software (response to 1)
Posted by Simon at TCB on
Unfortunately its not available on my mork network, so I'll try and get it available tonight.

Is there anywhere on this site I can put the code etc (juts a traball or something) as I don't have a download site available at the moment?

7: Re: OpenMSG software (response to 6)
Posted by Roberto Mello on
Hi Simon,

How about committing it to CVS, under contrib? That'd give others a chance to browse through it and even start improving it.


8: Re: OpenMSG software (response to 7)
Posted by Tilmann Singer on
Or use this site's file-storage at .