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11: Re: Enhancing forums (response to 5)
Posted by Emmanuelle Raffenne on
Hi Miguel Angel,

All those features sound great and I'm looking forward to seeing a demo.

Regarding including Ajax based code, I would not include it in the main package but rather write a ajax-forums-ui (ala ajax-filestorage-ui). In the near future, when ARIA become available and supported by main web browsers, it would allow us to have an aria-forum-ui for example so the user could choose which UI to use. Having separate packages for the UIs would ease extensibility and maintenance.

Also, I guess that writing separate package for UI will be easier when package types that Dave is working on (I hope so :-) will be available (see -btw, we should include that TIP in the agenda of the next OCT-

14: Re: Enhancing forums (response to 11)
Posted by Miguel Cordova on
About a live demo, maybe in a few days it could be possible (not depending directly on me).

About Ajax, I agree with you about making a new package for a complete Ajax UI, but what I want to add are only simple actions, such as "click 'mark as read' button". If the browser is not javascript compilant, it has not enabled that feature, the current link will work as it actually does.

I'm thinking on a forums enhancing, not on a complete rewrite of forums using (almost only) Ajax, so I think a few Ajax requests should be too bad.