Forum OpenACS CMS: Re: CMS client and design meeting

Posted by Caroline Meeks on
Hi Dave,

I talked to Al Essa and Sloan would again be a happy to provide a room if you want.


Posted by dave hill on
Jun & Mark, I definitely agree that the last cms-future meeting is a starting point, although launched forward of course by bcms.  I haven't looked at 0.3 much yet, but I believe the tcl API is 90% there, and indeed is largely an interface to the CR.  I would presume a major topic will be compound objects (images and includes) and type extension, and then on to determining a basic UI, or perhaps a UI toolkit/API.  If we had it in the morning (EST) could either of you guys be available on line or by phone?  (Pretty cheap rates on VoIP!)  It'd be great to have your direct feedback.

Caroline, thanks!  I'll contact you directly when we get a time.  Speaking of, will you be attending?  DaveB?  Any schedule preferences?