Forum OpenACS Q&A: fs_connect_by doesn't work deeper then third level - "file-storage"

The PLSQL function fs_connect_by in the file-storage module doesn't
seem to work in deeper depth then 3.

Postgres hangs itself while saying:"backend closed the channel
unexpectedly... Terminated abnormally"

What is the problem with sweet PLSQL?

interesting. This could be caused by too many levels of recursion, in which case PL/PGSQL dies a painful death. However, level 4 doesn't seem like too much recursion to me! I will take a look in the next few days, but if anyone wants to take a stab at it, please go ahead!
Do the following (make sure and restart the postmaster first):

1. In psql: drop function fs_connect_by(integer);

2. Edit file-storage.sql so that fs_connect_by returns text instead of varchar.

3. Copy and paste fs_connect_by from file-storage.sql into psql.

You should now be able to go back to the file-storage url and make new subfolders or files.

Thanks a lot. The file-storage module is one of the most important in our development. It works now!
ooooh there is no such thing as new-file-storage in the sdm... We might want to add that.

I jsut saw that Dan already fixed this bug for file-storage, but it was not changed for new-file-storage...