Forum .LRN Q&A: Re: Bug 961 - Potential Test Case for UAB process

Posted by Carl Robert Blesius on
Following the steps above:

1. History - I complained after seeing the confusion in new users (while looking over their shoulder) with a link that has the same name leading to two different places:

Click on Control Panel when in the personal portal area (a.k.a. My Space) and you got a page where you can change your account settings.

Click on Control Panel when in a class or community and you got a page where you administer the respective class or community.

This was then changed to "My Account" in "My Space" and "Administer" in a class or community, which made sense (although I do understand that the ripple effect of this partial change is upsetting when there has been an investment in documentation and explanations).

2. Quick solution (that is now possible after i18n) - Turn acs-lang on and change the English version on a local install to whatever the heck you want. Pick the terms that makes the most sense for a new user in the official version (e.g. "Administer" and "My Account")

3. UAB - not sure this is an ideal test case, but it does underline two problems that we really need to work on:

A. Making documentation part of the interface so it is not hidden away and can be changed as easily as a term in the interface can be changed

B. Resisting the "ripple effect" Tracy mentions above.

Proposal for A: Help package that is integrated into the interface, can be turned on and off, and shows up in the acs-lang translation tool so it can easily changed.

Proposal for B: A way of marking dependencies in acs-lang (e.g. when this term changes these terms are effected) and a way of notifying people when it happens on the official translation server (change a term in the English version and there are at least 20 translators that have no idea that it changed in the original version so that the ripple becomes a wave of asynchronism)

Clearly the acs-lang package needs a sponsor. Creating interesting proposal based on some of the problems we have experienced so far should not be hard.

Posted by Matthias Melcher on
For now, "Control panel" should apply to concept7 above. Later on,
if functionality is added or changed, it might be better to distinguish
more concepts, one of which might be something similar to
"Administrative Tasks on Windows servers that differs from
"control panel" on Windows clients, but actually it's more complicated
on an elearning system because, in addition to (end-) users
and (sys-) admins, we have this third kind of class-admins in between.

For properly targeting them, something like Concept6 would be fine.
Depending on what developers regard as possible, a future change
could be envisioned leading to something like
- either "administer" for all sorts of admins (Concept 3)
- or "customized page" > "control panel" (Concept 5, > 6)