Forum OpenACS CMS: Key Messages not getting deleted properly

I've been trying to figure out how to delete key messages from the menu-msgs so they don't show up on my site's Navigation. I deleted them using the trash feature, but it does nothing for the site. The links are still there. Anyone know how to get rid of them/remove these links?
Posted by Dave Bauer on
Hmmm, i don't know of a feature called menu-msgs. Perhaps this is a local customization.
Posted by James Hall on
Well is there any way to void or cancel a key from working?
Posted by Dave Bauer on
James, what key? I don't understand what you are asking. So far I don't have enough information to help you. A default OpenACS installation, and as far as I know, all the code distributed from does not include anything that refers to "menu-msgs" in relation to site navigation.

Overall OpenACS does not specify how navigation is displayed and that is a site specific customization.

Posted by Miguel Cordova on
I don't know menu-msgs, but are you sure that that package is using catalog keys?. Deep into the code, or If you have the DS installed, enable the Developer Support toolbar, then toggle the Translation mode by pressing the "TRN" button, and then you could see a link next to every catalog key.

I've noticed that something strange is happening with deleted catalog keys: it seems to count "something else"; (oacs 5.3 with Oracle). When I remove one key, it doesn't appear on "Deleted" page, although the number is increased, for instance... As I've working with forums enhancements, I've added some keys, and also I've deleted a few ones:

on /acs-lang/admin/package-list I see...

Package Translated Untranslated Total
forums 276 276

on /acs-lang/admin/message-list I see...

Show: All (272) | Translated (272) | Untranslated (0) | Deleted (4)

but nothing is showed when choosing "Deleted".

Posted by Gustaf Neumann on
It seems that the functionality of "deleting" message keys was never implemented properly, but should be fixed in current OpenACS (oacs-5-10 branch). I have added months ago some code that prevents "deleted" message keys to be continued to be loaded, Hector implemented yesterday code to properly show deleted message-keys, allowing admins to "undelete" these, and provide proper statistics (in /acs-lang/admin/message-list).