Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Problem Installing BCMS on 5.0.2

Posted by Steve Manning on

Yes please, any documentation, lists, scribbles on the back of fag packets would be gratefully received.

I'll gladly have a go at maintaining bcms-ui-wizard indeed I'm looking to extent its capabilities for the project on which  I'm working. Does anyone else have any plans for ui-wizard? I know that there has been plenty of discussion on the CMS direction for OACS, does ui-wizard still fit in with those plans?

Whilst I have your attention, do you always need a bcds instance for each root folder of bcms that you want to serve? I'm trying to understand how bcds fits into the picture and if its always required?

Also more specifically, I've hit a problem with page-revision-wizard. On clicking finished its telling me that page_id needs to be passed. As far as I can see it is there so I'm a bit stuck as to the cause of this. Any thoughts?

    - Steve