Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Problem Installing BCMS on 5.0.2

Posted by Steve Manning on
You can see some changes I have done on bcms, so you can start porting bcms-ui-base to these new changes on bcms.

Am I fixing bcms-ui-base as well as ui-wizard now? ;o)

I suggest to put them on bcms-ui-wizard/tcl. Change the procname and use bcms::ui::wizard namespace or whichever you want.

Funnily enough I actually already did this. Great minds think alike.

Yes bcms-ui-wizard will require a bcds.

I have that working now. Could you explain the difference in the two bcds parameters - bcms_root_folder_id and root_folder_id? How are they used by the bcds?

Also, I have changed the call in the bcds default-sidebar template from bcms::folders::list_folders_and_ancesters to bcms::folders::tree_folders. Is this correct?

I am not sure regarding the page_id. Hmmm I wonder if its a bug on the new wizard code I made. Can you change your wizard-procs.tcl on acs-templating/tcl to a very old one? Say oacs 4.5?

I've stepped over this for now. I'll come back to it soon and try that.

I thank you for taking this big challenge of upgrading bcms-ui-wizard. Read the TODO.txt especially for the api changes that has to do with changing their semantics. So the upgrade may not be straight forward.

Yes, I'm beginning to appreciate just how big it is :o)

- Steve