Forum OpenACS Q&A: Re: Problem Installing BCMS on 5.0.2 - Update?

Posted by Steve Manning on

I have been working through bcms-ui-wizard and getting it working with 5.x, I have also made a few tweaks to bcds.  I'm using the bcms-ui-wizard as the basis for a site we are doing. I have plans to incorporate more stuff into it but I'm not really sure where to go with this as I could end up with a completely different beast at the end. I could maintain a working copy of the orginal bcms-ui-wizard or if Jun has no objections I could commit whatever it evolves into and lose the original.

There is also the added complication of recent discussions on the direction of CMS on OACS and the plan to merge the BCMS functionalilty into the CR and indeed the direction that BCMS is taking. I also don't think Ive got permission to commit anything to the CVS but I'll send you a tarball of what I have done so far if you would like it.

    - Steve