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Posted by Stan Kaufman on

your speculations about handling CR attributes in assessment seem right in line with a lot of other discussion about acs_attributes metadata, auto-generation of forms, moving table creation from standard DDL to pl/sql (or tcl) APIs, and pushing various CR features up the hierarchy into acs_objects.

Here are some relevant threads I found:

autogenerating tables vs using the CR's pl/sql (or tcl) api

acs_attributes metadata - February thread


Tom Jackson's query-writer

Re automatic form generation:

a recent TIP (approved) related to this:

some other miscellaneous relevant threads:

I don't at this point have any clear ideas about the best way to proceed, particularly since there are lots of OpenACS core implications in all this. I do think that we want to implement assessment in ways that work with these core developments, not against them.

By the way, shouldn't Assessment be put in /contrib/packages in CVS, not /packages/ where it is now? We've barely begun the implementation, and potentially much of it will need to be revised/redone depending on how we decide to build it on the CR -- among other basic decisions.

Posted by Malte Sussdorff on
By the way, shouldn't Assessment be put in /contrib/packages in cvs, not /packages/ where it is now?

There was a consensus reached in the OCT that we would try to avoid using the contrib directory in the future and put things into packages with a maturity level of 0, as the assessment package is at the moment. Maybe it was not communicated or maybe I got it wrong, but that was driving the decision to move it into packages.